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Entegrata is SOC2, Type II certified!

We are excited to announce that we have successfully achieved SOC 2 Type II certification in Security, Confidentiality and Privacy with an audit from AssuranceLab. This accomplishment underscores Entegrata's unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy for our customers.

What is SOC 2 Type II? SOC 2 Type II (System and Organization Controls) is an esteemed attestation that affirms the presence of robust systems and processes to safeguard data and protect individuals' privacy. It involves a meticulous examination by an independent entity to ensure that systems are not only well-designed but also effectively implemented and operational.

Entegrata's attainment of the SOC 2 Type II certification marks a significant milestone in our journey toward fortifying data security and privacy measures.

Distinguishing Type I and Type II Attestations: Before receiving SOC 2 Type II certification, Entegrata held SOC 2 Type I. Here's how the two differ:

  • Type I primarily evaluates the design effectiveness of data security and privacy processes at a specific point in time.

  • Type II goes further by assessing both design and operating effectiveness over an extended period of time, ensuring that processes are not only well-designed but consistently followed.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers? As a customer-centric organization, Entegrata recognizes the paramount importance of safeguarding customer data. The achievement of SOC 2 Type II certification reinforces our commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for managing our data lakehouse platform. It signifies that our security measures and internal controls have been rigorously tested and proven effective over time.

Entegrata extends heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers and partners for their continued trust and collaboration. While achieving SOC 2 Type II is a significant milestone, we view it as just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to enhancing data security and privacy practices. We remain dedicated to investing in the latest technologies and continuously improving our processes to ensure that our customers can focus on driving success in their organizations without compromising on security.


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